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6 Reasons to Get Outside and Grow Strong!
Outdoor play is an essential part of a child's development and can provide many physical, social, and emotional benefits. ...
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Powerful and Fun Classroom Management Techniques
By using these fun and effective classroom techniques, teachers can create an engaging learning environment that maximizes learning outcomes for all students....
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How to Create a Safe and Supportive Space for Children
Children who feel secure and supported in their daycare setting are better equipped to explore, learn, and grow. These tips will help you create a safe space....
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9 Innovative Activities to Engage Young Children at Daycare
Encouraging creativity and imagination through play can help children build their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills....
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Building Strong Relationships with Daycare Parents
As a daycare provider, one of the best things you can do for your business and the kids is to build a strong relationship with parents....
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Top Excuses Parents Give for Not Paying
I Can't Pay You Today....Excuses, excuses We asked providers to share the reasons parents have given for not being able to pay for childcare... Here are some of the top "excuses"... My best one was: "I can't pay you today because I need the money to go to Virginia Beach with my boyfriend this w...
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Childcare Collection Issues?
Brought to you by ProviderWatch 58% of childcare providers have had parents leave without paying for childcare services rendered! How many times have you heard stories like these? "'Susan' just had an emergency come up, her regular day care provider was not able to care for her children and if she d...
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Free Sample Childcare Contract
A good contract is the foundation of your daycare business! Copy and paste or simply get ideas! Sample Childcare Contract Thank you to Noah's Ark daycare Provo, Utah for the sample child care contract. Please feel free to use and adapt this sample child care contract  according to your nee...
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Contracts for Daycare
Brought to you by ProviderWatch Avoid expensive contract mistakes! For those considering opening their homes as a daycare or starting a daycare center, another item to create is a plan for "risk management". In other words, how your business is going to be run in order to reduce any financial loss.I...
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Common Contract Mistakes
Brought to you by ProviderWatch Important points to keep in mind The Missing Piece.Think about the last time you personally signed a contract at the gym, the bank, signing up for cable service, buying cellular phone service or contracting to have your septic system pumped. Did the contract only ask ...
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