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What is ProviderWatch?

Founded in 2000, ProviderWatch is the first and only credit reporting agency created exclusively for daycare providers in the United States.

We collect reports of delinquent childcare debts. Providers access our national database to screen daycare applicants. This allows childcare providers to make informed choices. Using ProviderWatch helps reduce provider financial risk. 

Here's a summary of what we offer:

- A FREE, easy way to report any dayare customers who have unpaid childcare payments.  

- Convenient 24-hour online access to the all services.

- The confidence to enter into a daycare contract with knowledge of the reported unpaid childcare debt applicants may have with past providers.

- The ability to screen applicants through our nationwide database. This lets providers find out about people who may have been negligent with their past childcare payments. Nationwide access protects providers, even when dealing with families who have recently moved to the area.

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Basic Questions

Can I legally report customers who haven't paid their daycare bill?

Yes. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that persons with specific knowledge are allowed to furnish accurate information to consumer-reporting agencies. ProviderWatch is consumer-reporting agency that operates in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Feel free to read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to become familiar with its contents. Read and understand our Terms of Use to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities when reporting unpaid childcare bills to ProviderWatch. 

What is the difference between ProviderWatch and consumer reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion?

Unlike traditional consumer reporting agencies, ProviderWatch specializes in the area of delinquent childcare payments. By specializing, we are able to maintain an accurate database specifically related to childcare payments, which are often unreported to traditional agencies. To ensure access to providers, even smaller in-home providers, ProviderWatch offers credit reporting services free. Traditional agencies charge large fees to use their services.

Can I report "problem" parents who don't owe my childcare center a payment?

No. This is not permissible according to the FCRA. 

Do I have to tell my new customers/applicants that I am going to use ProviderWatch?

Yes, according to the FCRA, you need to tell your applicants that you are going to request a ProviderWatch report. You can do this easily by including  this information in your daycare application or customizing our sample form.

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if your request returns negative information about that person (such as a daycare-related collection, delinquent childcare payment, etc.), and you decide not to provide care for that person's child, you must notify your applicant that the information listed with ProviderWatch contributed to your decision. You are required to tell the applicant how to contact us, so that they can request a copy of the report currently on file in our system. Please review our Terms of Use to you understand your responsibilities. We provide a printable notification to make this easy for you.

When I become a member, will I receive a list of parents in my area who have been through daycare collection proceedings or have had a past-due childcare payment?

ProviderWatch members do not receive a list of names when they join. The only time you can request information about applicants and their childcare payment histories from a consumer credit reporting agency is when you are considering them as potential customers for your business.

Where does ProviderWatch receive it's information about delinquent daycare consumer accounts from?

ProviderWatch collects delinquent account information from both daycare providers across the United States. We have been accepting reports, at no cost to the provider, on any unpaid daycare accounts for over two decades.

This information gives you an enormous advantage when screening parents. You can find out quickly whether the parent has any reported daycare-related collection or delinquent childcare payment. This can save you the time, stress and frustration of dealing with applicants who habitually refuse to pay their childcare bill.

I am a parent and want to learn more about ProviderWatch.

ProviderWatch is a consumer reporting agency developed for childcare professionals. It's designed to promote the success of childcare businesses throughout the nation. This system will benefit you as a parent, by helping ensure the ongoing success of childcare providers.

If you've been in touch with a childcare provider who did not accept your application based on information received from ProviderWatch, you are entitled to receive a complete report of any of your delinquent accounts on file.

To receive your report, all you need to do is send an email or letter requesting it. Include the name of the childcare provider who denied your childcare application and the date services were denied. Include your full name, your spouse's name (if any), your current address, phone number and email address (if applicable).

You will receive a list of any delinquent childcare accounts on file with ProviderWatch. Your list will include the name of the childcare providers who have reported money due and the dollar amounts due. You can then follow up with each childcare provider to make payment arrangements. When your listed accounts are paid in full, the report will be updated and marked as paid.

If your profile includes information you believe is inaccurate, you may contact ProviderWatch and file a dispute. We will request documentation from the reporting provider. If the debt is found to be inaccurate or invalid, the report will be removed.

The goal of ProviderWatch is to help secure quality care for all parents by helping ensure the ongoing success of childcare providers.

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