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Top Excuses Parents Give for Not Paying

I Can't Pay You Today....
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We asked providers to share the reasons parents have given for not being able to pay for childcare... Here are some of the top "excuses"...

My best one was: 
"I can't pay you today because I need the money to go to Virginia Beach with my boyfriend this weekend."
- Sherry S.

"My Husband got caught stealing from his work and we have to pay it back."
- Patty G.

I had a lady tell me she didn't realize she had to PAY for childcare. I suppose she thought it was a free public service I was offering. (I am a home daycare provider.)
- Mary S.

The last day that I had these two kids was a Monday, but they PROMISED to come pay on Friday and give me the new schedule. Of course on Friday they did not show. I called and left a message on their answering machine. When they finally returned my call, I was told:

  • The mother got hurt at work of Friday.
  • Her hours were changed to second shift and they knew I did not do second shift.
  • An uncle had a heart attack.
  • And by the way we can't pay you until next Friday.

Talk about overkill! 
- Margie F.

I had one client who came up with everything! The best was when he told me someone stole his wallet, so he could not pay me. He also came to me one day and said they would not pay him at work that the boss was spending all the money and they were going to go bankrupt. This is all the same dead beat dad!
- Vicki S.

"I can't pay you today because we just don't have the money.  My son's birthday is this weekend, and we have to get him his present."  I ask, "What are you getting him?"  She answers, "An off-road 4 x 4"  The child was turning 3!
- Lorilei K.

I lied I did not have a job, I just needed to be free for a week so I could relax
- PatriciaAnn, Precious Moments Child Care

"I can't pay you today because I have to pay my bills first... "
- Carolyn M.

Comment below with your best stories about why someone chose not to pay for daycare.

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