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9 Innovative Activities to Engage Young Children at Daycare

Play is a vital part of childhood development! Play is one of the key experiences that you can offer young children in daycare. Encouraging creativity and imagination through play will help children build their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.

Here are 9 innovative play activities that can keep young children engaged and entertained:

Sensory Bins

Fill containers with things like sand, water, rice, or beans, and add small toys and objects for children to explore and play with.

Art Projects

Provide a range of art supplies and let children express themselves through painting, drawing, or sculpting.

Dramatic Play

Set up a play kitchen, store, or doctor's office with costumes and props for children to act out their favorite scenarios. Also consider adding fire fighter or super hero costumes! Don't worry about being too fancy. An old towel is a cape to a child. Let them use their imagination.

inflatable obstacle course

Obstacle Course

Create a fun and challenging course for children to navigate using things like tunnels, (low) balance beams, and cones.

Building Blocks

Offer a variety of building blocks, including wooden blocks, foam blocks, and legos, for children to construct and create with.

Music and Movement

Incorporate music and dance into the daycare routine, allowing children to express themselves physically while also building coordination and balance.

Water Play

Fill a basin with water and give them boats, cups, and other objects to play with, promoting hand-eye coordination and sensory exploration.

Nature Play

Encourage children to explore the natural world. Let them dig in the dirt, collect leaves and sticks, and check out bugs.


Introduce classic games such as Simon says, Mother, May I?, and Duck, Duck, Goose. Encourage socialization and teamwork.


By incorporating these innovative play activities into the daily routine of a daycare, young children can develop important skills and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

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