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Find Out If Parents Are Bad Payment Risks BEFORE You Accept Them As Customers

It's a sad fact. Providers often face the hassles and stress of parents who are bad daycare payment risks. In many cases, these parents are just making the rounds... hopping from provider to provider. They may have a long history of non-payment or even childcare collection proceedings. If you had only known that to begin with, you would have never accepted them as customers.

ProviderWatch Delivers the Vital Information You Need To
Make Confident and Accurate Decisions
Based on Past Daycare Payment History

Before you accept another new customer, wouldn't you love to know if the parent:

  • has unsettled daycare payments at another provider?
  • owes anything, and if so, how much?
  • is currently involved in a childcare collection proceeding?
  • has a history of bouncing checks?

Would that information affect your decision? Of course, it would! With the "No Regrets" Risk Management System by ProviderWatch, you can find out all this and more.

It's Credit Reporting and Credit Checking
Exclusively for Daycare Providers

Large corporations know the value of checking credit reports before dealing with new customers. They know that checking beforehand can help them avoid BIG problems and major legal expenses in the future. But small, in-home care providers can't afford the huge fees it takes to run credit histories or report delinquent parents to agencies like Equifax or TransUnion. That is, until now!

Finally, there's a consumer-reporting agency exclusively for childcare providers. Now, you can legally report parents who consistently neglect to make their daycare payment or those you send to a childcare collection agency.

"No Regrets" Risk Management Membership:
UNLIMITED Use of All Services for Only

  • Screen parents through our exclusive nationwide database to find out about a delinquent daycare payment, childcare collection & more.
  • Legally report parents for non-payment or leaving without notice.
  • Get one professional review of your contract annually to be sure everything is legally covered.
  • Use & pay for the service only when you need it. Cancel at any time with no penalty.
  • Re-subscribe at any time.
  • Online childcare software, so there's nothing to download or install.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Access reports immediately online.
  • No long-term contracts to fulfill.
  • Tax-deductible business expense.
  • 60-day, money-back guarantee.
  • Access to over 39 high quality daycare forms and printables
  • BONUS: Receive a FREE basic listing with our sister site www.FindADaycare.com.

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  • Legally report parents for delinquent daycare payments, childcare collection & more.
  • Access to several free printable daycare forms.
  • BONUS: Receive a FREE basic listing with our sister site www.FindADaycare.com

Read the FAQs about ProviderWatch...