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Protect your daycare income.

childcare credit reporting

Big corporations run credit reports. You can too! Easily report unpaid childcare debt & see if new parents have a reported history of unpaid childcare.

The Ugly Truth

Some parents willfully skip out on their childcare providers and daycare centers.
Parents may leave a childcare provider owing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars of childcare tuition. Even with detailed childcare contracts and payment policies in place, providers are at risk.

Often, it's a pattern of behavior that gets repeated over and over. 

These parents may bounce checks, leave without notice, refuse to pay a subsidy co-pay or just make excuse after excuse about why they can't pay. 

For childcare providers, this financial loss can be devastating. It's not just the loss of income that impacts the business. The time, expense and stress of trying to recover the unpaid debt adds to the frustration.

What We Did About It

We created a specialized consumer reporting agency for childcare providers. 
ProviderWatch was founded in 2000 to give U.S. childcare providers a place to report and screen applicants for unpaid daycare bills. We provide simple, free tools for childcare providers to make more informed choices and reduce financial risk. 
All in-home providers and daycare centers are eligible for a free account. 
Submit reports on unpaid childcare bills and screen all new customers. 
Working together we create a childcare community with less financial stress. 

A serious issue.


conducted a survey of childcare providers that revealed shocking results.
Nearly half of daycare providers surveyed have had a financial loss due to non-payment in the last year. 

Based on reported unpaid childcare accounts, the average past-due account totals $594. 

Even providers with rock solid contracts lose money because of:

• bounced checks
• disputed payments
• clients who leave without notice 
• refuse to pay subsidy co-payments

These issues negatively impact daycare providers, in turn, create disruptions for daycare clients. This is why we offer effective tools to empower providers.

You deserve to be paid. We can help.

Use ProviderWatch to protect your daycare income. It's easy and free.
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